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September 21: A Couple of Cooperstown House Histories the latest post in the House Journal

August 29th Nostalgia: The Agony and Ecstasy of Sumer Mornings in Wilber Park latest post in the BlogJuly 29th:  Nostalgia: Go-go Girls and My Hometown's Brief Flirtation with Modernism- latest post in the Blog

June 4th: The Tales They Tell Part 4: Staatsburgh, A palace for the Pretender to the Throne latest post in the House Journal

April 30thth: The Tales They Tell Part 3: Wilderstein, Genteel Poverty and Intermittent Fertility Provide for Perfect Preservation latest post in the House Journal

May April 17th: The Tales Tey Tell Part 2: Montgomery Place, A Classical Confection latest post in the House Journal

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 I purchased Schoolfield in 1998, and it has a been a joy and a trial to own ever since. 



This site serves as a resource for guests, friends, and people interested in the area.  It will acquaint you with the history of the place, stories of my time living here, renovation projects and misadventures, chronicle the evolution of the house and grounds over the seasons, as well as my favorite things going around in the area.  It will also delve into some of my favorite topics - gardens, architecture, travel etc .  

The ABOUT PAGE features a gallery of pictures of the house and gardens, as well as a section on the history of my home, and information on the town it is located in.

 April Daffodils

Red Sunset over Schoolfield