The Ten Leaders of the Social Trust

By eliminating competition, consolidating power and controlling their respective industries, trusts such as Standard Oil, US Steel, American Tobacco and the American Sugar Refining Company gave rise to many of the colossal fortunes which helped fuel the era and add a little more “gild” to it. While the Titans of Industry who ran these trusts were powerful men, that didn’t mean that the ladies didn’t want in on the action.

Some Things Old and Some Things New in Downtown LA

Finding myself with a free day on a trip to LA last month, I decided to explore Downtown, something I had always wanted to do. While I quickly learned that it is best done with a little advance planning (It proved impossible to get tickets to the Broad Museum or the temporary Museum of Ice Cream without advance purchase), at the very least I could visit a bookstore I had read about and finally see the Walt Disney Concert Hall. ...

Travel Diary Paris: Dior, Rodin and Palais, Big and Small

With the restrained uniformity of its elegant residential boulevards punctuated by palaces, churches, and flamboyant public buildings, Paris can feel coolly intimidating to the visitor. Yet behind the pale limestone walls and beaux arts edifices untold riches abound. Color, texture and dynamism reward both those who trod the well-worn tourist paths as well those intrepid souls who scratch below the surface seeking out its hidden gems.  To follow are some of the highlights of our recent trip there.