The Road Home (And Back)

As I sit bundled up in my house, waiting in anticipation for Sandy, I am looking at pictures I took a little over a week ago, as I was driving from Germantown to Oneonta in the wake of a kinder, gentler, storm that didn’t merit a name.  I drove towards the Central Leatherstocking Region along Route 145, skirting along the northern edge of the Catskills.   The clouds were breaking and dense fog dissolved, allowing the light to paint a dramatic skyscape as the late afternoon merged with the evening illuminating a patch of autumnal color here and there along the hills.  The next morning I drove back to the hudson valley via Route 28, skirting the southern edge of the Catskills.  Morning mists swirled and parted before the sunny pleasant day began in earnest.  From there it was  a train ride to New York and flight down to Jacksonville Florida, where the scenery couldn’t be more different.Route 145 outside of Preston HollowRoute 145 near LivingstonvilleRoute 145 approaching MiddleburghROUTE 145 leaving MiddleburghRoute 145 between Middleburgh and Cobleskill
I-88 between Cobleskill and OneontaA pond near Delhi, NY on route 28 the following morningFarm in the morning, Route 28Approaching the Catskills from the west, Route 28The start of a beautiful day, Route 28, near PhoenicaHeading east on Route 28

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