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The House that Bedding Bought: Cooperstown's 2 Pine Boulevard

One day earlier this year I happened to be walking by the Charles P Rogers showroom on 17th street and noticed this sign out front. Something struck a chord. My great, great, grandfather Fayette Houck had built a stable and coachman’s house in Cooperstown for a man named Charles Rogers Back in 1902. Could the two names be possibly connected? After a little digging, it turned out my hunch was correct the two men were one in the same……

Cooperstown's Lost Homes

I was a little reluctant at first to do a post focusing on Cooperstown’s lost homes and mansions. So often these types of articles read accompanied by a gnashing of teeth and casting blame. For me it’s quite the opposite. Cooperstown, which abounds with architectural treasures, should be celebrated, for few places can boast such good stewardship of their architectural legacy. Through my research, I found some interesting homes, no longer standing, which served to complement the history of the village and its reputation as a resort town….