moonlit night on the edge of a storm

Being on the fringes of Sandy's storm system, Germantown and the surrounding areas in the Hudson Valley fortunately were spared the brunt of Sandy.  Although we lost power for about seventeen hours, it was an insignificant inconvenience compared to the suffering and devastation in other areas. Uncertain of what the night would bring, and not having any electricity from about 6:30pm on Monday, I hunkered down in my living room, reading by candle and lamplight.  I would hear bouts of rain interspersed with howling wind, followed by eerie intervals of calm.  As the evening wore on and the storm did not intensify, every so often I would go outside to see what was happening.  I was amazed when the band of clouds and would break periodically, revealing an intense full moon which illuminated the evening, casting shadows on the ground, and allowing one a clear field of vision.  I took the following photos at about 10 pm.  Although I took these pictures with my point and shoot, which couldn’t capture the general brightness of the atmosphere, they give a hint of the odd surreal crepuscular light conditions and brilliant moon.

The Grand Homes on Victory Drive, Savannah

Faces on the street